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animal scat guideMost times on the trail the only evidence you'll find of animals that inhabit the area are scat signs. Scat are the droppings that animals leave behind and contain a wealth of information on the animals diet, habitat and identification. 
Size, color, contents and shape are all characteristics to identify an animals scat. The North Woods Scat Guide provides you with a convenient, lightweight, weatherproof field guide to identify over 25 of the most common animals that call North Americas forests home.

You will be able to identify Black Bear, Moose, Mtn. Lion, Bobcat, Lynx, Fox, Otter, Beaver, Mink, Weasel, Rabbit, Deer and many other animals scat found in the woods today. 

Aren't you just a little curious why those droppings are on a rock in the middle of the trail and who left it there and why? 


Pick up a North Woods Guide for your next hike and you'll be surprised what your going to learn out there!!

Happy Hiking

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